Some jobs can be really hard to get because the employers

Some jobs can be really hard to get because the employers want the top talent. If you think about it, it makes sense. They pay their staff based on how much money they make, right? Some employers even pay higher salaries just for having certain degrees, but this is pretty rare. It’s harder to become an anesthesiologist than it is to become a doctor, for example. Only 8% of anesthesiologists are women, which means that most doctors are men. However, some of the hardest jobs to get include:

  1. Emergency room doctor – these doctors handle patients jobs in healthcare who are hurt and may require surgery, but they may not have insurance and can’t afford treatment
  2. General surgeon – general surgeons tend to perform general surgeries. This job usually requires that you be a licensed medical doctor with a special training in a surgical specialty. The surgeon must learn how to perform the most common types of surgical procedures
  3. Medical director – medical directors often oversee or supervise many medical professionals. They may lead the development of medical policies and programs. They may also provide administrative support to doctors and nurses
  4. Pathologist – pathologists are lab technicians who test the biological samples of the bodies of people who have been killed in accidents or other incidents.