Sunmica vs Paint- Which is better for a Kitchen Makeover?

After a few years of using a kitchen, the colours in it can get boring. The cabinetry is one of the most vital elements of a modular kitchen, so repainting the cabinet doors in a different shade is the simplest way to bring a noticeable change to the room. However, repainting is a time-consuming and messy process. Moreover, the painted surface can get scratched easily, so at best it’s a temporary solution for renewing kitchen cupboard designs. Decorative laminates, such as Sunmica Sheet Design, are a convenient alternative for refurbishing kitchen cabinet doors.

Understanding Sunmica and Paint

What is Sunmica?

Sunmica is a type of laminate sheet made from multiple layers of Kraft paper impregnated with phenolic resin and decorated with a printed layer that resembles wood, stone, or other materials. It is used as a surfacing material for furniture, countertops, wall panels, and other interior design applications.

Characteristics of sunmica:

Durable and Long Lasting: Sunmica is highly durable and can withstand wear and tear over a long period of time. It is resistant to scratches, stains, and heat, making it an ideal material for furniture and flooring.

Resistant to scratches: Sunmica is made with a hard, durable surface layer that resists scratches and abrasions. This makes it ideal for use in high-traffic areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Easy to clean and maintain: Sunmica is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, making it ideal for use in areas with high foot traffic.

Resistant to water and moisture: Sunmica is also resistant to moisture, which means it won’t warp or swell when exposed to water. This makes it a great choice for use in areas with high humidity or where spills are common.

Heat Retardant: Sunmica can also withstand high temperatures without being damaged. This makes it ideal for use in areas near heat sources, such as stovetops and ovens.

Types of sunmica available in the market:

Regular Sunmica: This is the most basic type of sunmica, which is available in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures.
Glossy Sunmica: This type of sunmica has a high-gloss finish that reflects light and adds a luxurious look to furniture and countertops.
Matt Sunmica: This type of sunmica has a matte finish that doesn’t reflect light and adds a subtle and sophisticated look to furniture and countertops.
Textured Sunmica: This type of sunmica has a three-dimensional texture that mimics the look and feel of natural materials such as wood, stone, or leather.
Metal Sunmica: This type of sunmica has a metallic finish that adds a modern and industrial look to furniture and countertops.

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Advantages of Sunmica

Variety of designs: Sunmica comes in a wide range of colours, patterns, and designs that can suit any kitchen theme and style.
Cost-effective: Sunmica is less expensive than other materials like solid wood or veneers, making it a budget-friendly option for kitchen makeovers.
Durable: Sunmica is highly durable and resistant to scratches, moisture, and heat, making it an ideal material for kitchen countertops, cabinets, and shelves.
Easy to clean: Sunmica is easy to clean and maintain, and does not require regular polishing or painting.
Quick installation: Sunmica is easy to install and requires no specialised skills, making it a quick and hassle-free option for kitchen makeovers.

Disadvantages of Sunmica

Limited customization:
While sunmica offers a variety of designs, it may not be possible to customise the pattern or colour to suit specific requirements.
Prone to chipping: Sunmica can be prone to chipping or cracking if subjected to heavy impact or force.
Susceptible to fading: Sunmica may fade over time if exposed to sunlight or harsh chemicals, which can affect its appearance.
May require additional support: Sunmica may require additional support, such as plywood or MDF, to ensure it is properly anchored and does not peel off or warp over time.
Not eco-friendly: Sunmica is made from synthetic materials and may not be considered an environmentally friendly option for kitchen makeovers.

What is Paint?

Paint is a liquid material that is applied to a surface to add colour, protect, and enhance the aesthetic value. The characteristics of paint are determined by the chemical composition, application method, and drying process. 

Characteristics of paint:

Colour: Paint is available in a wide range of colours and shades, allowing for limitless creativity in terms of decorating.
Coverage: Paint can be formulated to provide either a thin or thick coat, depending on the desired effect.
Adhesion: Paint adheres to surfaces by creating a bond that provides good adhesion and durability.
Durability: Paint can be made to be resistant to weather and wear, depending on the formulation.
Gloss level: Paint can provide different levels of gloss, ranging from flat (no gloss) to high gloss.

Types of paint available in the market:

Oil-based paint: This type of paint is made of linseed oil, and it is ideal for use in areas with high traffic, such as doors and trims.
Latex paint: This is a water-based paint that dries quickly, is easy to clean, and is resistant to cracking.
Acrylic paint: This is a water-based paint that has excellent colour retention and is durable. It is ideal for use on walls and ceilings.
Enamel paint: This type of paint is oil-based and provides a hard and glossy finish. It is perfect for use on metal and wood surfaces.
Epoxy paint: This is a two-part paint that is ideal for use on concrete floors and metal surfaces.


Cost-effective: Paint is a relatively affordable option for updating the look of your kitchen.
Easy to apply: Paint is easy to apply, and you can do it yourself without needing to hire a professional.
Wide range of colours: Paint is available in a vast array of colours, allowing you to choose the best option for your kitchen.


Time-consuming: Painting a kitchen can take a lot of time, particularly if you need to prepare the surfaces and apply multiple coats.
Short lifespan: Paint can wear out quickly in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, particularly if it’s not the right type of paint for the job.
Limited protection: Paint only provides limited protection against heat, water, and stains.

About Advance Decorative Laminate

Advanced Decorative Laminate is a company that specializes in manufacturing and providing various kinds of decorative laminates, including sunmica sheet designs. Sunmica is a brand name that has become synonymous with decorative laminates in India. 

The company offers a wide range of sunmica sheet designs, including solid colors, wood grains, metallic finishes, abstract patterns, and custom designs. These designs are printed using advanced printing technologies that ensure high-quality and long-lasting finishes. 

Advanced Decorative Laminate’s sunmica sheets are known for their durability, resistance to scratches, impact, and heat, and ease of maintenance. They are used for various applications such as kitchen countertops, wall panels, furniture, and flooring. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a leading player in the decorative laminate industry, with a strong presence both domestically and internationally.