Top 10 Best Essay Topics for College

Many people think that unique college essay topics have to be unusual or crazy. However, this is not necessarily the case. Even seemingly mundane or common experiences and activities can be interesting and can yield fruitful college essay topics. Examples include: the 19th century origins of Christmas carols; men’s views on gender roles; and matriarchy in modern societies. Other excellent college essay topics include conspiracy theories like Area 51 and questions surrounding HIV/AIDS.

1. Global Warming

The global climate is changing, and it has a negative effect on humans, plants and animals. The cause is due to human activities such as burning fossil fuels, which produce heat-trapping gasses. A good essay writing service can spark an interesting story and help a student stand out in the admissions process. But it also needs to be very specific and detailed in order to be effective.

2. Water and Air Pollution

The air we breathe is contaminated by fossil fuels used to power cars and airplanes, heat homes, and run factories. The result is carbon dioxide, which has contributed to global warming. Many colleges require students to write an essay as part of the application process. These essay topics can add color to an applicant’s file, and give admissions officers insight into the student’s background and perspective.

3. Depletion of Natural Resources

The exploitation of natural resources is becoming a serious concern for the environment. It includes deforestation, mining for fossil fuels and minerals, soil erosion, pollution, and the destruction of wildlife. Moreover, modern industrial activities emit harmful by-products that contaminate the air and water, which is a major cause of natural resource depletion. This can also result in ecological imbalances and further climate change.

4. Domestic Violence

Essays on this topic should show that you can listen to experiences and perspectives that differ from your own. This shows maturity and character, which can help colleges assess your ability to engage in tough ideological debates. Choose a moment that illustrates your persistence or determination to overcome an obstacle. Avoid choosing a cliché like “fighting for your beliefs.” Instead, focus on an experience that truly challenged your perspective.

5. Animal Cruelty

Around the world, animals suffer abuse and torture in labs and slaughterhouses. From cosmetics to drugs to vaccines, millions of innocent animals are tested yearly. Abusing animals often leads to violence towards humans. For example, high school murderers who beat their parents frequently abused and mutilated family pets. Also, beating and neglecting animals can lead to mental anguish. Animal cruelty affects the environment as well.

6. Capital Punishment

Many philosophical inquiries surround capital punishment, including its moral justification. Those in favor typically argue that murderers forfeit their right to life, and that the lex talionis principle makes it morally permissible to kill them to prevent further crimes. Others contend that racial prejudice and errors in the criminal justice system preclude capital punishment from being fair. They also point to the physical and mental trauma of long periods of time spent on death row.

7. Current Events Analysis

College admissions officers appreciate well-written essays that provide context for students’ backgrounds. They also like a personal angle. Unusual or crazy experiences can make for great college essay topics, but unique takes on everyday activities and experiences can be just as compelling. For example, a student’s commute to school or family dinners could become an interesting essay topic. Essay topics should be specific to avoid cliches and boredom. They should be relatable to students and engage all five senses.

8. Leadership Examples

Choosing an essay topic that shows your unique perspective helps admissions officers see you as a person. Trying to fit an essay topic that doesn’t connect to you will come across as fake or cliche. For example, instead of writing about your service work at a cat shelter, you could write about how deeply you connected with one particular cat named Marty and how that experience made you want to help animals.

9. Decision Making

Applicants shouldn’t be afraid to take risks with their essay topic choices. They can also choose to write about a hobby or interest that reveals a personal quality, as long as it’s specific enough to stand out to admissions officers. The best college essay topics are ones that tell a compelling, detailed story. These are the types of essays that admissions officers want to read.

10. Deciding What to Wear Today

Regardless of the topic you choose for your college essay, there are certain elements that all standout essays have in common. They are detailed and authentic, allowing the admissions committee to get to know you beyond grades and test scores. Show the admissions committee that you have a unique perspective and are able to listen to experiences that differ from your own with maturity. This can help you stand out from other applicants.