Top Weight Loss Tips By An Experienced Dietician In Delhi

Check Out The Most Effective Weight Loss Tips With No Rigid Diet Plans By An Experienced And University-Trained Dietician.!!

Weight loss is not the solution to every medical condition or health issue, but if your doctor or a dietician recommends it, there are many great ways to lose weight by making a little change in your eating habit.

A steady weight loss of about 8 pounds per month is recommended by doctors for healthful and long-term weight management.

An efficient diet plan can play a vital role in  effective weight management. According to research, a diet rich in nutritious food such as fruit and veggies has been backed by science for losing extra pounds.

However, it seems overwhelming to make a major change in your eating style to lose weight quickly.

Instead of starving yourself or a rigid diet plan to mind your waistline, it seems better to start your weight loss journey with a little change in your eating habits.

The majority of people find it an efficient way to consult with a dietician for a Healthy diet plan leading to quick weight loss.

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss top tips to lose weight by a well-experienced Dietician in Delhi (Shreya Katyal, The founder of Diets & More) that can help you start losing weight in just a month.

  • Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water up to 8 glasses each day to stay hydrated. Water has a vital role to play in weight loss, it is the simplest detoxifying agent that flushed out the toxins from an individual body.

Drinking water before meals over other beverages can help an individual with obesity.

Studies have shown that middle-aged individual obese participants who took water before meals lost around lost 45% more weight compared to the group that avoided water before meals.

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  • Say No To Processed Food

Eating processed food regularly not just increase the risk of chronic disease and weight gain but also these foods are full of empty calories with zero nutritional value. So it seems better to lose some pounds quickly by saying a big no to junk or processed food.  

  • Eat More Fruit & Vegetables

Don’t be afraid to add more vegetables and fruits to your simple diet plan. They are loaded with plenty of nutritional support for the healthful body.

Eating more fruit and vegetable are proven to improve your cardiac health and decrease the risk of severe health condition such as cardiac disease, diabetes and cancer.

  • Say No To High-calorie Food

One quick and easy way for speedy weight loss is cutting down on high-calorie food.

According to research, your weight management goals can be achieved by burning more calories than you consume.

  • Say No To High-calorie Food

Exercise is one of the efficient lifestyle changes for weight loss. It can help lose weight more quickly with some incredible benefits for a healthy body.

More physical activity like a workout increases the number of calories you need for energy leading to burning calories and consequently helping in losing some extra pounds.

<strong>Top Weight Loss Tips By An Experienced Dietician In Delhi</strong>
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  • Consult With An Experienced Dietitian

Last but not least, Consulting with an expert Dietician is considered to be an efficient way to a quick and easy weight loss with no strict meal plans or counting calories.

An experienced dietician can consult you with an effective diet plan customised to your eating style.

With a few lifestyle changes consulted by a dietician, you can meet your unique weight management goals.

Everyone has a different eating style and diet which makes it vital to consult with an expert medical professional like Nutritionist or Dietician for wholesome diet plans.

At Diets & More, Shreya Katyal provides an online diet consultation with easy, nutritious and Healthy diet plans & Online Diet Plan to meet diverse weight management needs.

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