Want The Most Reliable Packaging Solution? Get Custom Kraft Boxes

Packaging boxes are the need for every product. You need to consider several factors before choosing a specific kind of packaging for your products. There are many ways to package products such as plastic boxes, PVC envelopes, poly bags, and most beneficial, paper boxes. All these Kraft boxes are required based on your needs and preferences. But, getting a packaging solution that is not only beneficial for your products but also for the environment is also of great importance. We will focus on the most sustainable packaging boxes that fulfill your packaging needs and are safe for the environment as well. Plastic and poly bags are non-biodegradable that accumulate on the earth without decomposing for thousands of years. Therefore, you should avoid plastic as much as possible.

Now, what should you prefer? Well, it is recommended to use recyclable packaging boxes such as Kraft packaging. It has the most interesting feature that will help you make the best decision.

Long-Lasting but Not Everlasting

The Kraft packaging boxes are long-lasting because of their rigid nature. You can get Custom Kraft Boxes of any shape, size, or thickness based on the weight and dimensions of your products. It is easy to make these boxes long-lasting with corrugated Kraft paper. But these are not everlasting like plastic packaging boxes. If they accumulate like plastic, the earth would be polluted to the next level. However, Kraft paper is biodegradable means it decomposes on its own and again becomes a part of nature just like how it was part of the tree. Sounds fun right? Therefore, it is advised to get these long-lasting but not everlasting boxes to stay kind to the environment.

100% Eco-Friendly Packaging

Kraft packaging is easy to recycle under ordinary conditions without requiring heavy machinery or chemicals. Thus, it is not wrong to say that even the recycling process of Kraft packaging is sustainable. You might be wondering even if you get recyclable Kraft boxes these are still the cause of deforestation. Well, you are right to some point. But all the other packaging choices besides cardboard, Kraft, etc. Are not safe for our environment. If you consider plastic, it also leads to deforestation by making land unable to cultivate. Other than that, it leads to air and land pollution as well because of the toxins released by plastic industries. Hopefully, now you know the importance of getting sustainable custom Kraft packaging boxes.

Kraft Boxes

Perfect for Brand Promotion

In the current era, you need to advertise your business as much as possible. That’s because the business market is highly competitive. In order to serve in a crowded marketplace, you need to try all the possible means. You will be glad to know that custom boxes are easy to print with useful business information for advertisement purposes. You can get custom Kraft packaging printed with the brand name, logo, and product description to promote your business. Furthermore, if the prints are unique in addition to being eye-catchy, you can form a lasting impression on the customers. You just need to look for the most trustworthy and expert packaging company that provides you custom printed Kraft packaging of your choice.

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Versatile Shapes and Sizes

Custom-made Kraft boxes are available in a unique variety of shapes and sizes to fulfill your all packaging needs. Whether you want very small boxes for rings or large boxes to deliver heavy products, these boxes are your best choice. You can customize the dimensions and thickness of these packaging boxes based on your needs. The most popular Kraft packaging styles are pillow boxes, gable boxes, window boxes, sleeve and tuck end boxes. You can also get premium packaging boxes like counter displays, bottle carriers, auto bottom boxes, document folders, custom boxes with dust flaps, and many other packaging styles made of Kraft materials.

Kraft Boxes

Easy Designing

The flexibility of Kraft paper allows one to customize it into boxes of any style according to requirements. You can personalize custom Kraft boxes with unique prints such as images, graphics, typography, and illustrations of your choice. Designing these boxes with product images attracts customers. You can enhance the appearance of these boxes with various features i.e. Custom handles, inserts, partitions, window cutouts, and hangers.

Based on the type of products you are offering; you can design these boxes the way you like. For instance, if you want to display your whole range of lipsticks in different retail stores, Kraft Display Boxes with partitions or inserts are perfect for you. Besides that, you can design all Kraft packaging boxes with add-ons like ribbons, embossing, debossing, and foiling techniques. Hence, whether you want these boxes for gifts, cosmetics, makeup, food, electronics, or tech business, they are easy to design according to your needs.

Ensure Product Protection

Every packaging box needs to be safe for your products otherwise they are of no use. Custom Kraft boxes are known for their durability and exceptionally sturdy nature. As the thickness of these boxes is modifiable, you can make boxes that ensure product protection. By adding a feature like inserts and partitions, you can ensure that your products stay in place. This would avoid collision and product damage. If your products are sensitive to dust, humidity, or UV rays you can apply a coating that protects against these factors. Furthermore, to avoid the entry of pathogens, you can get the unique top and bottom closure designed per your requirements. All these and many other features of Kraft packaging boxes make them perfect for every kind of product.