What is a lifeguard, how to become a lifeguard?

Lifeguards are people who are there in case of possible drowning in environments where people swim, such as beaches and swimming pools. Get certified as a lifeguard and learn lifeguard skills by enrolling in a comprehensive lifeguard course near me. From water rescue techniques to first aid and CPR training, these courses provide essential knowledge and skills to help ensure the safety of swimmers in any aquatic environment

Anyone who wants to work in this job must attend lifeguard training programs and receive the necessary training through a lifeguard trainer.

What does a lifeguard do, what are his duties?

Lifeguards are people who provide protection on beaches and swimming pools, and participate in search and rescue operations and perform first aid measures in possible situations.

In cases of suffocation, it is his duty to perform lifeguard measures.
Practitioners receive different titles, such as bronze, silver and gold, depending on their level of lifeguard course near me.

Candidates with the Federation’s 3-star diver certificate work as golden lifeguards in sports competitions and in environments such as the open sea or lake. Bronze Titles can only work in pools.

How to become a lifeguard

For this profession, those willing can work in open waters, beaches, reservoirs or lakes according to their professional title after completing the training and receiving the certificates.

The courses you attend to get your certificate usually last 4-6 days and you should have understood at least 70% of what you were taught. Those considering this profession should also be very good at swimming.

How to get a lifeguard certificate?

You can obtain a certificate by attending courses at an institution that has an authorization certificate from the Turkish Underwater Sports Association, by graduating from the relevant departments of universities, or by participating in programs prepared by sports clubs.

What are the requirements for a lifeguard?

Although terms vary depending on the desired title, general expectations are as follows.
To have graduated from at least primary school,
A medical certificate showing that there is no obstacle to practicing this profession.
In addition, people who want to be lifeguards must have certain qualifications;

Must know swimming and swimming technique well.
Must have good communication with people.
There should be no physical health problems to perform this work.
It should be active and constantly moving.
He should be able to keep calm in an emergency.
Should be careful.
The lowest lifeguard salaries in 2023 , the average lifeguard salaries at 6.100 TL and the highest lifeguard salaries.

The fear is that drowning deaths will increase even more in the future, as the early heat and congestion on the beaches increase, guess trained lifeguard course near me.


Summers come earlier and hotter. People are getting into the water and the risk of drowning is increasing everywhere, Tomi Licata , the sports coordinator of the city of Tampere and an experienced lifeguard trainer , estimates.

In USA, several people typically drown during Midsummer. Licata emphasizes that during Midsummer, adults have a great responsibility.

When drinking alcohol by the water, at least one of the midsummer party should be clear. Especially for children, a clear adult is very important, says Limital.

He compares an adult without alcohol to a spark-Mikko who watches over an open fire.

It can be difficult to notice the distress of a drowning person on the beaches
Lifeguards , 30, , 34, are subordinates at the Tampere swimming center. Those who have been in the field for years and have completed the course of the Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifeguard Association have experienced several dangerous and near-miss situations in their work, but also drowning cases.

A drowning person does not necessarily scream, but struggles silently. A drowning person takes a deep breath, unable to scream. They grab the track ropes in the halls or their hands are up and they are wading in the water in distress. In the halls, other swimmers often call for help and report the distress of the drowning person. Open waters have another, rescuers say.

Lifeguard beaches

Both lifeguard course near me consider swimming beaches to be the most challenging places to supervise than pools and swimming halls, because halls are the most controlled spaces. Rescuers talk to each other after crisis cases and resolve work anxiety by talking.

Two people who had a seizure drowned in the pool despite resuscitation. Another had a torn aorta in a heart attack. In one case, a 4-year-old child had run away from the washroom into the pool in the hall while the parent was washing in the shower. The child sank to the bottom of the pool, but he was revived, Limital tells about his experiences.

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According to him, the drownings of young people in early summer are typical situations where the distress of the drowning person has not been detected in time or help has been reached.

Both in the case of the drowning of the 7-year-old in and the case of the 15-year-old who drowned in the pond in the residential area, there were no swimming guards or lifeguards present.