What is a stacked area chart in Power BI?

In this case, the data that we will use to create this chart is based on the number of people who attend each course that I teach in a year. My intention is to create a visualisation that shows the total number of students per month, quarter, year, etc. so that students will see how attendance varies throughout the year. For the sake of brevity, we have selected a limited number of categories, with the end result being that we can create a visualisation that will show us just how much each category contributes to the total number of students.

We have added a table which contains the Power BI Stacked Area Chart information about each student, and we have also added a table that has the total number of students per category.

First of all, we have added a Category Chart to this Power Query. Then, we have added a Stacked Area Chart. Finally, we have added a Table to the page so that we can calculate the Total Amount.

In order to create the chart that we wish to show, we will use the Data Table in the Excel file. In the chart, we have two stacked areas. The first one is to show us the percentage of total students (stacked on the X axis) and the second stacked area is to show us the percentage of the total amount that each category (month, quarter, etc.