What is Content Moderation, Services and Types

Today with increase in business requirements, largely expanding industry standards, and client demands, it has become almost mandatory for brands to monitor their brand carefully online and offline so as to avoid the presence of brand unfriendly content or explicit ones. Today, content moderation has turned out to be an on-demand business service. Since brands are highly inclusive today, it becomes more important for brands to monitor any form of user generated content or client constantly generated content and create a positive online presence for the brand. Brands and businesses in any form, size and industry must have efficient content moderators and content moderation specialists who will watch the brand all around the year and create an outstanding online presence for your brand and business.

What is Content Moderation?

As mentioned earlier, content moderation and content moderation services are highly important in today’s fast-moving business world. Content moderation simply refers to the act or practice of monitoring user-generated content, filtering and streamlining online content in accordance with certain predetermined guidelines. 

What are the types of Content Moderation? 


With pre content moderation, brands use content moderators and content moderation specialists to judge content introduced by your group before it is made apparent to everybody. From comments and posts or even company reviews to sight and sound posts—these are totally broken down to ensure the online neighborhood is particularly safeguarded from any normal naughtiness or legitimate risks that may put the customers and the business in danger.

Pre-content moderation is beneficial for companies that are aching to stay aware of their web-based standing and checking


As opposed to pre-content moderation, post-content moderation clears a path for constant discussions and prompt posting in light of the fact that the substance is checked after it is posted. Such variety of directing substance turns out best for sites that have web-based media channels, gatherings, and different types of dynamic online networks. 

Content moderators and content moderation specialists utilize a particular device empowering them to copy each post and have a more intense picture of every piece of content. From that point, content moderators can choose rapidly whether to hold or erase the post. Entrepreneurs ought to think about the best size of devoted arbitrators to employ

Reactive Moderation

This sort of balance additionally depends on end-client judgment wherein its capacities depend with the understanding that the clients effectively eliminate and banner all types of unseemly substance posted on the site. A brand requires a strong and committed crowd to empower depleting the practical benefits of receptive balance. With the assistance of a dependable and serious crowd, the brand is guaranteed with a careful eye out on client posts holding onto hurt against individual clients and to the business.

What are the various Content Moderation Services? 

The industry of content moderation has grown into leaps and bounds. At Taskmo, we offer a wide range of content moderation services that include the following:

Comments and Text Moderation

Under this service, our content moderation specialists moderate all types of offensive texts and insensitive language have no bearing in an online talk. Our content moderators and content specialist examine posts, tweets, surveys and gathering remarks, and bail out any other dangerous substances. They also re-establish the mutual respect of discussion and keep aiding to keep your local area safe and easy to use.

Picture and Image Moderation:

Under this service, our content moderators at Taskmo screen, channel and mark a large number of pictures/photographs/images every month, settling on exact choices on content infringement according to your online approach. Pictures are supported, announced, moved or dismissed progressively to guarantee that your web resources stay on-brand, crowd proper and conscious of all people and networks.

Video Moderation:

Our live video content moderators make a suitable move on scandalous, age-inappropriate and other unseemly substances, including youngster misuse, animal cruelty and cold-bloodedness and savagery, in this manner building up your crowd and the overall web-utilizing public that they have liabilities to keep. By offering ongoing control, we debilitate future frequencies of infringement and keep the perfect picture of your image flawless.

Why should you outsource your content moderation needs to Taskmo?

1) Instant Access to talented content creators, content moderators and content specialists.

2) Physical Moderation done by staff all around the clock.

3) Diminishing illegitimate content on all web-distribution platforms.

4) Removing and replacing content with appropriate content.

5) Reduced Risks and on-time task fulfilment.

Why is Taskmo the best content moderation service provider?

1) We protect your brand and your customers

The substance submitted to your site as pictures, recordings, or remarks on the blog entries and discussions, require checking. This is on the grounds that this client produced content risks veering off from what your image considers satisfactory.

You can’t handle people’s opinion on your image, however you can generally alter what they post to your site. A group of content arbitrators set up would guarantee that nothing hostile or disturbing gets to your site. It will likewise shield your crowd from conceivable tormenting or savaging by some nonsensical clients.

2) We understand your clients and customers

Directing client created content can likewise give a significant chance to design acknowledgment. This is particularly the situation for high-volume crusades where your mediators might label content with specific properties, like considerations, perspectives towards your image, and that’s just the beginning.

The substance control group would then be able to utilize this data to plan noteworthy bits of knowledge into the conduct and assessments of clients. It can likewise assist you with deciding whether there are any spaces of your image that need improvement.

3) We improve your online persona

Measurements demonstrate that 25% of list items from the absolute biggest brands on the planet get from connections to client produced content. You need this substance, yet you additionally should be certain it doesn’t hurt the standing of your image.

Permit clients to post as much substance as possible, yet make a point to have a committed group of arbitrators on the ground to filter through the substance prior to distributing it on your site. It might draw in quality rush hour gridlock to your site on the off chance that it does exclude anything hostile or against your image.


Taskmo’s Best Content Moderation Services and content specialists work towards depicting a solid, accommodating and caring brand picture through expert vetting, screening and scanning of all types of content generated by third parties. If you are looking for the right place to take care of your content moderation needs, visit Taskmo.