Why You Fight To Get Out Of Escape Rooms ?

Escape rooms have undoubtedly become a worldwide sensation when it comes to entertainment. These are games that can be enjoyed by people across all age groups. So, if you still haven’t experienced the thrill and excitement of the escape rooms, it is high you try one out! 
However, while most people enjoy playing escape game, there are still people who struggle hard to make it out of the room in time. If you are one such person, who finds it hard to get out of an escape room, this article is here for you: 

You fail to work as a team. 

One of the most vital reasons that you may be failing to make it out of the escape room in it is probably because you are not a team player. Escape games make it essential for players to work together as a team to achieve the goal in time. 
Stepping inside the escape room game, players will encounter various intriguing and tricky challenges and puzzles. The key to successfully solving these clues and riddles lies in working together as a team. 
While it is important to work as a team to get out of the escape room, you can also find certain things well suited for individual players. Particularly if you are someone with some special skills, you never know when your skills can come in handy in planning your escape! 

You fail to communicate effectively with your team. 

Maintaining a proper stream of communication amongst players is extremely essential for players inside an escape room game. To succeed in the escape room, it is crucial that players not only talk to their fellow mates but also listen to what the others have to say. 
Since the escape games are team games, it is important for players to share whatever clues or information they discover in the game. In case you are an introvert or find it hard to talk to people effectively, it can often become troublesome. 
Further, you may even be someone who has to struggle hard to to patiently listen to whatever your teammates are telling you. One of the foremost things that you can do to improve your communication abilities, is to try and pay attention to what your fellow team members say. Thereafter, gradually if not always effectively, you can try to place your opinions and comments before them. 

You get panicked easily

More often than not players grow incessantly panicky and anxious starting from the moment they step inside the escape room game. The life-like sets and realistic prop designs in the game may easily intimidate players, making them constantly doubt their abilities. 

Players start thinking whether they will succeed in solving all the tricky riddles and challenges in time. They began to worry whether they will have enough time to complete the entire game proficiently. All these different reasons may contribute to players feeling panicky. 
There are only a few people who do not grow panicky when they step inside an escape room. The ones who do usually find it tough to ultimately plan and make their escape in time. 
To prevent yourself from getting panicked, try taking a deep breath and stop worrying about the consequences of the game. Instead of this, it is best to enjoy the moment and just focus on giving your best. 

You do not have the right team

When it comes to team games like the escape rooms it is essential for players to know each other well and mix well with one another. Players cannot succeed in the escape game if they do not have the right team. 
It is important for you to form your team with people whom you know well. It is when players play with people whom they are well acquainted with that they can play comfortably. In contrast, when they play with strangers, players usually find themselves unable to work well with them. 
Furthermore, it is crucial for players to have the right number of players in their team. Instead of having too many or too few people to form your team, you need to have just an adequate number of members. 
In this way, you can help ensure that the escape room does not feel too crowdy and chaotic. In addition, it will allow you to have the necessary number of players working on each challenge or riddle. 

Playing an escape room game and winning it requires players to be strategic in their approach. They need to come together to work inside the escape room and solve the puzzles together by displaying proper team spirit.  

While we enlisted a few pitfalls that players may face in the escape game, there may still be other reasons leading to their inability to escape the room in time. So, ensure you try your best to figure out what problem you may be facing and try to make your way through it.