WooCommerce Inventory Management Plugin

It’s not easy to manage a WooCommerce store. An internet store can only succeed with a lot of commitment and effort. You have to perform tiresome, time-consuming duties like controlling store inventories. We therefore heartily endorse WooCommerce inventory management plugins that streamline store administration.

Any online store that sells products may encounter some inventory management issues. If you use a plugin or program, managing your inventory is not a difficult chore. You may make the task easier for yourself by using one of the many WooCommerce inventory management plugins that are available. The only issue with these plugins is that there are so many alternatives that it might be difficult to choose the best one for your online store. So we here present some of the best tools and plugins to help you customize and streamline your inventory.

Fully Functional and Easy-to-install Plugins for WooCommerce Inventory

The most popular and fully functional WooCommerce inventory management plugins are shown below.

1. ATUM Store Management Plugin

ATUM is a free inventory management plugin that keeps track of changes to the selection of goods, prices, and other information in your business. The plugin is one of the management plugins available with over 10,000 current installs and a 5/5 user rating.

2. Katana – For a small and medium-sized business

The WooCommerce plugin of preference for small- and medium-sized manufacturers is Katana, which manages inventories and makes it easier for you to know exactly what you have in stock and where it is at all times. Based on current sales and manufacturing orders, you may efficiently manage product and raw material inventories using Katana. Additionally, you can predict bottlenecks and stockouts.

3. Z Inventory Manager

Another free, store management plugin on our list is Z Inventory Manager. It is a simple, cost-effective way to automate stock inventory and increase its effectiveness.
A pro version of the plugin is also available, which adds further capabilities including the ability to replicate sales and purchases as well as inventory numbers and history.

4. TradeGecko

TradeGecko is also known as QuickBooks Commerce. It is one of the most widely used order and inventory management plugins. For your online store, TradeGecko automates stock changes, stock updates, and purchase orders. For multi-channel or wholesale firms to operate their online store without hassles, this plugin is great.

5. WooCommerce Smart Manager

You can manage and mass edit WooCommerce products, variations, orders, and coupons with just one click thanks to this inventory management plugin. Smart Manager makes it possible for you to manage the stock level in your store using an Excel-like spreadsheet, which not only saves you time but also makes the entire process simpler.

The plugin has both a free and a paid version, and the paid version offers additional features including batch updates, inline editing of numerous records with a single click, duplicate records, and much more.

6. Zoho – A cloud-based inventory

A full-featured cloud-based inventory management plugin for WooCommerce is called Zoho which provides multi-channel management. Zoho is coupled with a number of other plugins, allowing you to sell the goods from your online store on different websites.

You have the option of using a free plan that allows you to manage 50 orders per month. In addition, the most popular Zoho plan, the profession plan, permits 7500 orders per month whereas the regular plan only allows 1500.

7. WP Inventory Manager

With fewer than a thousand active installs in the WordPress repository, WP Inventory Manager is a relatively new inventory management plugin. However, this does not imply that it is any less efficient than the plugins on this list.

With the help of this plugin, you can manage bulk purchases on your site and quickly adjust their stock levels, prices, and variant pricing. In addition to assistance and the use of purchased add-ons, the pro version is also offered. The plugin is perfect for vehicle dealers, collectors of fine art, and merchants.

8. e-Swap

Another improved inventory management solution is eSwap. Inventory, orders, order administration, and multichannel assistance are all made easier by eSwap.
A 14-day free trial is available. In addition, a complimentary plan is offered. Additional plans include a premium one that costs $79 and a corporate one that costs $199.

9. Schedule Stock Manager for WooCommerce

The well-known WooCommerce plugin developer StoreApps has created WooCommerce Schedule Stock Manager, another excellent tool for managing the inventory in your business. More than 20,000 active installations of the plugin, one of the best inventory management plugins, are available on the repository.

From a single screen, you can manage the stock levels for your goods and associated variables. Stock management is not only simplified but also expedited and improved by it.

10. WooCommerce Stock Synchronization

You may synchronize your stock inventory with an external inventory file with Stock Synchronisation, a straightforward but powerful WooCommerce inventory management plugin. By doing this, you can use the external file to automatically update your stock levels.
Since you may use the external file to update product pricing in addition to synchronizing inventory levels, the process is incredibly rapid and easy.


Our list of the top WooCommerce inventory management plugins for your online store is now complete. While working hard is key to making your shop successful, working wisely will help you stay focused on important things like raising sales and revenue. By handling the laborious chore of managing your inventory, these plugins give you the ability to do just that.

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