Zoom Whitening: How It Works and Why It’s Effective

Many people who had undergone Zoom whitening treatment found that they restored their whiter and brighter smile. Thanks to this gel based formula and UV light used in the method so that you can regain attractive smile and confident look. Continue reading this blog to know how the procedure works, conditions when you won’t be satisfied and comparison of Zoom teeth whitening with other treatment options.

How will you know if Zoom whitening works?

The Zoom procedure is easy with a few steps. Firstly, they will place mouth opener and apply a gel for covering your gums. Then another gel is applied on your teeth and lastly, they will brighten up your teeth with Zoom whitening method. The process will need repetitions, sometimes even more than twice, based on their type.

How does the procedure work?

When you eat or drink anything, some particles may get stuck in the teeth. This makes your teeth become yellow when you do not brush regularly. These particles remain on the teeth if you do not follow a routine dental cleaning.

You can get rid of these particles by brushing daily with teeth strings or office cleaning. But when they are not cleaned regularly, you will not be able to eliminate them even with these methods. These particles are what you call chromogens sticking on the teeth and cannot be removed with physical methods.

You will require chemical solutions for getting rid of the chromogens. This is what they do with zoom method and the whitening gel has hydrogen peroxide formula with it.

When they put hydrogen peroxide gel on the teeth and improve it with Zoom light, it begins a chemical reaction with chromogens on your teeth and removes them on a molecular level. This way, you will be able to get whiter colour of the tooth.

Why does zoom whitening work?

The formula used in Zoom whitening method is extremely effective. It comprises of 25 to 35 percent hydrogen peroxide which is beyond the limit of 18% suggested limit for home kit products. With dental office conditions and precautions, you will be able to benefit from greater level of gel concentration. It provides you at least 6 to 8 shades of difference. Over-the-counter products are very effective though they have a limit as compared with office whitening procedure. Besides you will have to use them for some time.

What happens if you get Zoom whitening on the crown?

Your crown will remain the same without ant change of damage or colour. But here is what you should know as it might not match the whitened teeth. It is a problem when your crown is visible during smile. It is advisable to get your whitening surgery done first and then get the crowns.

What happens if I get Zoom whitening on dental veneers?

Veneers are not affected by Zoom whitening method. It is advisable that you get your veneers after Zoom whitening treatment. So, you will not have unmatched colors with natural teeth.

What happens if I get Zoom whitening on tooth bonding?

It won’t change the colour of your bonding and so, you should get your Zoom teeth whitening done first and then bonding. Or else the actual teeth might appear whiter and give you an unpleasant look. You need not worry about your bonding if it is placed at the background of smile.

Will Zoom whitening work on your tetracycline-stained teeth?

Yes, zoom whitening will whiten tetracycline-stained teeth. Well, this might be the only possible option to remove tetracycline-stained teeth for most time. Such stains aren’t like tea, coffee or wine and using home-based kit products will possibly not work on them. According to studies, tetracycline-stained teeth can be cleaned by using home kit products in the long term only. But Zoom whitening method will ensure to give you instant results.

Can Zoom teeth whitening make the teeth susceptive to stains?

No, it does not have any side effect. A study had been conducted about the effectiveness of choosing whitening products to know whether it will make your teeth susceptible to stains. They used different beverages such as coffee, wine, and water to compare the level of stains on 15 days of scale. No such relationship had been found.

Is Zoom tooth whitening treatment worth the effort?

Yes, it is worth the effort as the treatment works perfectly for the ones who like to attain immediate results. The method is simple and lasts for 6 months to one year, though your habits can affect the duration. If you are addicted to sipping tea of coffee or forget to take care of your dental health, then the teeth may turn yellow again. In that case you will have to repeat the process and a maximum of two times in a year is advised.

Thus, you need to book your initial consultation for zoom teeth whitening and get the treatment done on time.